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Mulaku Bajji (Chilli Bajji)

Yesterday was a nice rainy day and Bangalore weather was at it’s best. And I thought the best way to celebrate this beautiful day was with piping hot chilli bajjis and a cup of warm tea. I normally am not much of a snack person, so I don’t have too many quick snack recipes in my goody bag. But my hu

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Beans Olathu

Beans are always a staple in my everyday cooking. We have it at least 2 times a week, of course, cooked in different forms. This particular dish is a popular one from Kerala, God’s own country, my hometown. It’s very simple and tastes heavenly and goes great great with rice and sambhar or dal. My hu

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Naadan Beef Curry

Beef has always been a big favourite among the Syrian Christian community in Kerala. No occasion is complete without a beef dish. Some of the best beef dishes hail from Kottayam, Tiruvalla and other parts of Central Kerala Today, I am sharing a beef curry which is extremely easy and yummy! Enjoy!!!

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