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South Goa : Beyond The Beaches

GOA!!! Why is it so difficult to think of Goa beyond its beaches?! Our last visit to the North Goa was all about the beaches, we were beach hopping almost everyday! Even when I were to close my eyes a month back and think of Goa I too would think of beaches – pristine blue with golden sands and perhaps a bottle of Goa’s most famous chilled beer King’s.

However, my last trip to this amazing place changed it all. Here is my Travel blog story on South Goa : Beyond The Beaches.

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Gluten-Free Koloocheh : Persian Date Nut Filled Cookies

These butter cookies are unmistakably Middle Eastern; Persian Jews make them at Purim, while Arabic Christians eat a similar cookie at Easter, as do Muslims during various Eid celebrations. The combination of gluten-free flours here produces a nutty taste and a light texture, but you can use an equivalent amount of all purpose flour or whole wheat flour. Do try these today!

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Onam Sadya/ Kerala Sadya Recipes

WISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS ONAM!!! Onam is just round the corner. Are you all ready to prepare the fantastic Onam Sadya. Personally a delicious Onam/ Kerala Sadya beats any other meal. The amazing variety of dishes and each tasting finger-licking delicious. It is just the perfect meal. I love a good sadya because it is so wholesome and healthy making use of a variety of vegetables in various ways. Here is a wonderful round-up of dishes which are prepared in a traditional Onam Sadya.

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Baked Vendakka/ Okra Khichdi

The traditional Vendakka Khichdi uses deep fried okra/ ladies finger. But my version of Baked Vendakka/ Okra Khichdi uses baked okra making it healthier with very less oil. A khichdi usually used only yogurt for the gravy but I love the taste of coconut in all my sadya dishes and hence have added a mixture of coconut and yogurt to make a thick gravy.
Hope you like it!

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Pan-Roasted Nagaland Pops With Whole Wheat Paneer Matar Kulcha

 Nagaland Pops are meaty chicken lollipops marinated with authentic North-East Indian flavours. The marinade consists of an assortment of spices including galangal, toasted sesame, green chilli, garlic, and black pepper. I shallow fried this in my iron skillet and it was finger-licking delicious. Serve it up with some Wholewheat Paneer Matar Kulchas and your busy weeknight dinner is sorted! Enjoy!

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