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Kids’ Favorites : Crispy Baked Crumb Chicken : Finger-licking Good!! :)

And I’m back again today with another quick and tasty dish which is sure to be on your menu every week starting today. I have been happy these past few days. The reason being my sister and her two lovely kids are in India on vacation and will be coming to Bangalorein a few days. (her hubby couldn’t make it though, “we miss you terribly Acha”) We haven’t met in almost four years!!! I am thrilled. I am just looking forward to getting together and chilling out as a family

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Kashmiri Style Chicken Curry

Hello February! I can’t believe you are already here! January was such a whirlwind with most of the month packed with family visiting from far, get togethers and wedding celebrations and what not…! 🙂 I have not posted anything since a long time. Though I wanted to; just that fitting that into my schedule is a task! I have resolved innumerable times that I will not procrastinate… I will be regular… but things just never work as planned in my life, especially when this food blog is concerned. Though I did find a little time to do a quick post containing easy and healthy breakfast ideas for babies and toddlers and I hope these recipes help all those supermoms out there February is also a very happy month for me. Why?! Well there are a couple of reasons. 🙂 The First being, my recipe for Home-made Baked Chicken Nuggets was featured in the ‘Recipe of the Week’ section of Kids Directory. It definitely was a happy moment for me. For those of you who haven’t come across Kids Directory, h

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Spice it up: Tangy Chicken

And I’m Back!! 🙂 **Yes, after a good long break back home, I’m back to cooking and blogging. Oh how I missed this! In these past few months I realized how much I enjoy doing this But I have been doing well and happy to share the good news of the birth of our little bundle of joy, our new addition t

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