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Kashmiri Style Chicken Curry

Hello February! I can’t believe you are already here! January was such a whirlwind with most of the month packed with family visiting from far, get togethers and wedding celebrations and what not…! 🙂 I have not posted anything since a long time. Though I wanted to; just that fitting that into my schedule is a task! I have resolved innumerable times that I will not procrastinate… I will be regular… but things just never work as planned in my life, especially when this food blog is concerned. Though I did find a little time to do a quick post containing easy and healthy breakfast ideas for babies and toddlers and I hope these recipes help all those supermoms out there February is also a very happy month for me. Why?! Well there are a couple of reasons. 🙂 The First being, my recipe for Home-made Baked Chicken Nuggets was featured in the ‘Recipe of the Week’ section of Kids Directory. It definitely was a happy moment for me. For those of you who haven’t come across Kids Directory, h

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Spice it up: Tangy Chicken

And I’m Back!! 🙂 **Yes, after a good long break back home, I’m back to cooking and blogging. Oh how I missed this! In these past few months I realized how much I enjoy doing this But I have been doing well and happy to share the good news of the birth of our little bundle of joy, our new addition t

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Kerala Chicken Roast

Winter is definitely making it’s presence felt in Bangalore this time, haven’t taken off my sweater for the past few days! Holiday Season (December) is one of my favourite times of the year. Not withstanding all the shopping and good cheer and general upliftment of spirits, it is a time for unrestri

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