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Barley Chickpea Mushroom Salad With Balsamic Dressing

#In association with #Plattershare #goIndiaOrganic #Recipe Development #Product Review Today’s post is for ‘Belly Nirvana – Plattershare Associate Program’. Plattershare is a holistic food social media platform which connects food enthusiasts to share their passion for food. Be it Home-Chefs, Professional Chefs, Food Bloggers, Food Professionals or Foodies who love to appreciate the taste and aroma of dishes around the world. The Plattershare Associate Program (Belly Nirvana) helps you associate and connect with various Food and Kitchen brands across the country and gives you an opportunity to try brand new and innovative food products and gadgets; and all this from…

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Crunchy Corn Raisin Delight

Winter has been pretty cold this time in Bangalore and though I like the cold, I’m really feeling a little blue being wrapped up with multiple layers of clothing all the time! So, in an effort to evoke some summer time cheeriness, I decided to go with a light, refreshing and fruity salad for dinner last night

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